The Sewerage Treatment

Mutiny #3

After The Broken Mug was closed permanently by the city, our heroes had to find a new place to live – a housing apartment in Drac’s End, managed by a less than reputable halfling named Asa Metwinger. There they met a fellow resident, Bernhardt, whose horrifying scars and outsider mentality meant he fit in perfectly.

Grayson came to visit them, bearing an invitation from Argyle McGill. They travelled to his Curio Shop, and he showed them to the secret zoo of curious animals he was building beneath his shop, including the cargo they had transported, an Arctic Bereskarn. He also showed them his real concern – a peephole that had been drilled into the wall of his zoo. Knocking down this wall revealed that The Yellow Sign had been painted onto the wall here, and it appears cultists had been living here, spying on McGill. When they stopped to listen, they could hear the sound of chains rustling in the distance.

The heroes investigated, however Maggie (the cat) insisted on going north first, instead of south towards to chains. North they find a locked gate, and a hooded corpse hanging from chains 50 feet above them. Some… creative? … uses of the drunk dwarfs bladder meant they tricked the overflow cistern into activating and lowered the chain. Then Bulk rolled* TRIPLE SIXES* and yanked the corpse down so hard it was beheaded and Torrin was wrenched up the side of the wall with her pants around her ankles.

The body was of a male Vallosian, or Serpent People, the original inhabiters of the area. He had on him a damp map that was indecipherable.

South they found a temple dedicated to The Yellow Sign, complete with pews and a bloody sacrifice plinth. There was also a half burnt map on the wall of Freeport with the possible routes from pier 12 to Argyle McGill’s marked down.

Further south, Jimmy was able to sneak up on a pirate guarding the doorway to a larger room. When they tried to question him, he screamed racist things at Bulk, alerting his friends. He was quickly killed, and the heroes rushed into the next room.

There they found two pirates pushing a group of bound slaves up a staircase. One pirate was able to escape while the other unlocked a grate in the floor, releasing three reptilian Deepstalkers into the room. The escaped pirate pulled a lever and a brass grid began to lower itself onto the players, then pulled another lever and the room began to quickly fill with water. He made his escape.

After fighting the Deepstalkers and killing the pirate that got left behind, the heroes looked for ways to escape. Ksenia was able to pick the lock of the adamantine gate and they escaped just in time to see a row boat of slaves heading out towards a pirate ship moored in the bay. Grayson, his face disfigured from Deepstalker acid, insists they go to his ship and hunt them down, as slavery is the worst crime someone can commit in Freeport.



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