Sensitive Cargo

Mutiny #2

A deadly heatwave is sweeping Freeport, and The Broken Mug is busier than normal as patrons seek a cool drink, some shade, and to dip their feet through the trapdoor and into the sea. They are joined by new faces Meagor and Cannonball “Taffy” O’Jones.

An old friend of Dakarta, Grayson Keelspear, comes in – he heard about the party giving Tharlas and his crew a run for their money and is looking to hire some muscle to help him transport some sensitive cargo from the pier up to Argyle McGill’s Curio Shop in the western corner of The Old City. He agrees to pay each person 1 silver for their trouble.

Later in the afternoon, James “Jimmy” Saltworth is approached by a well dressed gentleman, who introduces himself as Andwad. He offers Jimmy a whole gold piece and the deed to a 30 room tenement in Scurvytown. In exchange for these, he asks Jimmy to cut the rope holding Grayson’s cargo to his horses tomorrow, when Jimmy receives the signal. Andwad then disappears.

Jimmy raises his odd conversation with the group later that night, and after much heated conversation, they decide to go to Grayson and warn him about the impending attack.

Grayson tells them he feared they may be attacked, but the cargo must be delivered before dawn breaks. After some stern negotiation, the reward per head is raised by a silver. Ksenia and Taffy sneak into the hold where they find the ‘cargo’, a 20 feet long, 10 feet wide, 8 foot high box with a deeply breathing creature inside and frost runes engraved into the wood.

The next day, the characters meet Grayson at the pier and head through the pre-morning bustle of the Seaside Market. One the other side of the Market lay the Old City and its hundred-foot high crumbling walls. Their path took them into the Old City and up a steep hill, flanked on both sides by narrow two-storey buildings.

Jimmy was clinging to the bottom of the wagon and took the full force of a Glyph of Paralysis engraved into the road. As soon as it activated, the windows of the houses on both sides of the wagon fling open, and masked cultists in black robes and bearing the markings of the Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign start hurling spells on the characters.

There was a kerfuffle. Ksenia sniped cultists from her perch on the rooftops, but everyone missed a rogue who lept from his alleyway hiding spot and cut the rope holding wagon to cart himself. The wagon began to roll down the hill, towards two cultists waiting at the bottom.

Bulk ignored the fireballs being hurled at him by the cultists, butchered the rogue, then advanced down the hill, murdered one of the waiting cultists and then killed the other by shoving him headfirst under the wheel of the cart (Yeah, Bulk rolled really well). He could not, however, have done it without the efforts by all the characters to slow the carts decent.

After answering some questions to the Freeport Watch, and agreeing to keep the attack a secret to prevent a city-wide panic, they successfully delivered the still-sleeping creature to Argyle McGill’s Curio Shop and were paid for their trouble.

One return to The Broken Mug, they found the place trashed, the patrons slashed from ear to ear, and Darkarta’s drowned corpse hanging by her feet and through the trapdoor. The mark of the Yellow Sign was painted on the wall.



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