Rumble in The Broken Mug

Mutiny #1

Hard times have befallen all our characters, as they find themselves living together in a cramped attic at the top of the Freeport’s dirtiest dive bar, The Broken Mug.

The proprietor of The Broken Mug, Darkarta Gringsson, has agreed to halve the rent cost of the ‘loft apartment’ in exchange for the characters helping out around the inn during the workday.

Halfway through the day, a Privateer captain named Tharlas walks in to The Broken Mug asking about Darkarta and when she’ll be back. After making some advances on Torrin and offering a spot on his ship to Jimmy, he leaves. Azure decides to sneakily follow him to the place where his ship is moored, 4 piers down The Docks.

A blind old man named Walter, who sits in the corner of The Broken Mug every day, tells the characters that Tharlas was in the inn a few months ago, drunk and making problems. Darkarta extracted her form of justice, which is to bound a rowdy customer by hand and foot and dunk them in the ocean through a trapdoor at the southern edge of the inn.

Around dinner time, Captain Tharlas and 3 of his men burst into The Broken Mug, keen for revenge. They were not, however, expecting such resistance from the character. Torrin quickly begins combat by pulling her dual pistols, ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ from below the bar and blasting two shots in Tharlas’ chest.

The scuffle is bloody, but brief. Two of Tharlas’ men are killed during the brawl, while Tharlas and his first mate Eobald are capture and strung up above the trapdoor to be dunked again. Dakarta offers the two orc brutes, Bulk and Ien the honour of removing a finger each from Tharlas and Eobald. While they argued over whether to take thumbs or pointer fingers, Torrin cuts off Tharlas’ left hand and dunks him into the ocean below.

Caliban quietly mops up the blood into a bucket, and then slips out the the front door with the bucket of blood and into the night.



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