Battle for Emberkiss

Mutiny #4

The party pursued the slavers out onto the water, picking up Meagor, Caliban and Abernathý on their way through town, along with 9 crew members of Grayson’s ship, Christina.

The Christina had been rigged with a heavy stone lever that could raise and lower the keel as needed. The party used this to their advantage to sail directly over the coral reefs that surround the island near Freeport and quickly catch up to the slaver’s ship, which they could now see was called Emberkiss.

A lengthy naval battle ensued, with cannon fire, anti-boarding nets made of glass, swinging from sail ropes and some near-drowning experiences (Bulk).

The first mate of the ship was a Azhar Sorceress who began an incantation on the bow of the ship to open a portal to the Elemental Plane of Fire. Part of the black hull of the Emberkiss were peeled back to reveal a grey stone hull.

The captain revealed himself to be an Efreet Prince from the City of Brass, the mythical capital of the Plane of Fire. He barked derisions at the Azhar members of the party, calling them blood traitors.

With mere yards left between the Emberkiss and the planar gate, the Sorceress was knocked unconscious and the portal closed. Successful in their mission, the party captured the remaining slavers and forced them to row the Emberkiss back to Freeport, where they could collect their very generous bounty.



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